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Be Unstoppable in 2017!

This tour is a workshop that simplifies marketing and other business growth.  The trainers on this tour have years of experience when it comes to helping businesses.  The trainers believe that people should leave with the results, and  blueprints for business growth.

The tour helps with business roadblocks and supports other brands.

The Keep it Simple Tour provides a unique learning experience for all who attend. We focus on results as well as education. We understand that growing a business can be hard, our goal is to make your success simple.

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“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak

Workshop Details

Branding and  Marketing Your Business Success in 2017
March 4th, 2017 

Lunch and FREE Gift Included

This workshop is not like anything you’ve ever experienced! Leave with more than just a “good feeling.” Come join us from 9 am to 4 pm and watch as your marketing plan grows to something you can use as soon as you walk out the door.  Actually, your first week will be completely done and available as a sample for you to refer to.

Have you had trouble getting people to respond to your products and services? For many businesses, it’s not what the offer but how you package it and price it. Below you will find all the things covered during the workshop.

5 Steps to your 12 month Marketing Plan:

Step 1: We will create “Your Story, write your Vision and Mission Statement

Step 2: Identify and price your Products and Services

Step 3: Creating your Irresistible Free Offer and Sales Funnel

Step 4: Setting up your Email Marketing

Step 5: Setting up your Blogging and Social Media Plan

Customer Service

What do you do after your prospects have decided to invest in your products or services? How do you make them not only want to stay with you but tell other people about your services? Learn all about this during the Customer Service section of this workshop.

BONUS: Publish Your Book In 6 Months

Have you heard how important it is to have a published book about your products and services? Do you find yourself lost on what to write or how to create something that complements their business? This section of the workshop will teach you what to write and the steps it takes to get it done in 6 months or less.

Why is 6 months important? Writing and publishing a book in 6 months will allow you to create extra streams of revenue during 2017


This workshop is for you if…
– Your’re confused about the vision and mission behind your business.
– You’re not sure how to price and package your products or services
– You’re lost on how to create a free offer and sales funnel in your business
– You’re lost on how to create your digital marketing system and social media plan
– You’re lost on how to retain your new clients and customers after you get them
– You’re wanting to write a book but don’t know how

This workshop is for business owners who have decided that 2017 is “THE YEAR.” 

If you’re tired of the same results it’s time to do something different!


Workshop Trainers

National Publisher and Author- Leroy McKenzie Jr.

National Publisher and Author- Leroy McKenzie Jr.

JNF Enterprises, is a Distribution, Publishing and Business Consulting Firm, designed to provide Enlightening, Provocative, and Empowering books, Christian apparel and 21st Century Entrepreneurship Techniques, through our emerging authors, progressive technology, and creative exposure.

JNF seeks to Enlighten, Empower, and Invest in the communities that it will touch. We seek to provide emerging authors with an independent avenue to mainstream exposure, touch individuals with our Christian spirit through our Christian Apparel Collection and Bring Visions To Reality through our Business consulting services. By being a Christian based company, we will add a spiritual foundation to our business that will add instant credibility, integrity, and a general sense of courtesy to the distribution and publishing industries. In this day and time businesses have missed the mark in providing exceptional products and services, and JNF is poised to bring back the basics of business.

National Trainer-A’nary Bellamy

National Trainer-A’nary Bellamy

A mom, wife, and CEO A’nary Bellamy is passionate about helping people survive MARKETING. Over the years, A’’nary has started and grown several businesses. Training and experience taught her how to make marketing easy.

Today she travels doing various workshops and training for other brands and her Keep It Simple Tour. Mrs. Bellamy also provides digital marketing services for small businesses and solopreneurs.

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